Moon Bounce

Do you want to amuse your kid in her next birthday party? Or would like to start a bounce house business so that you can make that extra income? Either way, this article offers 12 practical suggestions on how to buy bounce house online, it is simple and easy. For parents, remember that purchasing a bouncing house is the best way to make your kid have fun at parties. These are the exact things you should check out when buying a bounce house:


1: Set Your Budget


Bounce houses can get expensive, that is why it's ideal to know the amount of money you are willing to spend. Prices range from $170 for small inflatable bouncers for children to $700 double play bounce house for older kids. When you plan your budget, the quality of the material and the features do matter. But, if you want kids to have more fun and burn out their energy, consider buying one that has more features. In short, don't just budget, keep your child's happiness in mind.


2: Commercial Vs Residential Inflatable Bouncing House? Which One


They are two types of inflatable bounce house, commercial and residential bounce house. If you intend to hold a large party with more kids, consider having a commercial inflatable bounce. Because it is strong and has heavy-duty materials. Residential inflatable bounce houses are ideal for hosting a small number of kids or to be used at home. Commercial inflatable bounce houses are more expensive than residential. And they also come in different categories. If you need to buy one, choose from the following: water slides, inflatable slides, obstacles course, bouncing house with slides and inflatable sports games.


3: Check For The Quality Of Inflatable Bounce House


The best inflatable bounce house come either in woven oxford cloths or PVC tarpaulin. And the material used to make commercial bounce houses is PVC tarpaulin so that it is heavy, robust and durable. On the other hand, residential bounce houses come in woven oxford cloths. This is the reason why they are lightweight. Whether you decided to choose any type, make sure they feature double, triple or quadruple stitching. Their materials need to have a balanced weave so that they are strong. Otherwise, they will be prone to breakage and tear after use.


4: Weight And Capacity-They Matter.


To choose the appropriate bounce house for your kids, you need to know the following. First, how many kids do you want to accommodate? Second, what is the average weight of the children? Have these figures ready before deciding to purchase any bounce house. If you need to buy a quality material, avoid cross models whose weight is low. Luckily enough, it is easy to check the maximum capacity of the bounce house. It is listed in terms of weight.


5: Size Of The Inflatable Bounce House


These are the things you need to double check before buying the bounce house. First, double check the measurements, is it what you are looking? It should be large enough to accommodate the exact number of kids. Second, know the measurements of both the interior and exterior area. Third, check the size of the jumping area, height, and widths.


6: Know The Appropriate Theme You Want


Bounce houses come in forms of shape and sizes. And each has different themes. We have mythical castles, funny games, shark tank, sports arenas, fun houses, Disney. The list is big, what is important is the party theme you want to set if you are holding a kids party. Or the one you want to use for your business.


7: The Age Limit


How old are the kids? There are bounce houses for smaller kids and older children. Ball pit or small inflatable bouncers are ideal for small kids. While older kids will find fun in a more physical involving inflatable bouncing houses. And the age limit of the bounce houses begins around four years old.


8: Consider the Safety Measures


Every bouncing material must have mesh netting, bumpers, and lead-free materials. The bouncing materials should have consumer certifications from ASTM and CPSC. And for electrical products they need to have approval from UL. These are the safety measures to check. However, it will be ideal to know that most accidents that occur in the bouncing house, don't happen outside the house. They happen when the kids hit on each other. That is why it is important to have someone supervise the kids while they play.


9: Know the Features You Want


Every bouncing house has different features, it all depends on the kids' favorite. However, one thing to remember is that a basic inflatable house has one main entrance and one main feature. However, extra features come at a cost. Moreover, some of the features include bouncing floor, tunnels, slides, basketball hoops and water features.


10: Does Is It Have A Warranty

A decent warranty should be your priority when purchasing a bouncing house. One thing to note is that most bouncing houses come with limited warranties. However, there are few with extended warranties.


11: If You Are In Business Select These Units


If you are in the business of renting out this bouncing house, be choosy in your unit. You need to select the units that are more popular and will fetch you enough income. Lucky enough, here is the list of units you should choose from best on experience. There are combo units, water slides and slides, obstacle course, and inflatable games.


12: Evaluate The History Of The Retailers.


It is common sense to buy from someone who has been in business long enough. The reason?You will know positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers. And the other reason is that they probably know their product well enough. The ideal places to know trusted retailers is through the online forums.


If you want to keep your kids entertained and amused in their party, invest in a better bouncing house. And by purchasing one bouncing house for your kids, you will be saving lots of dollars from renting. For those who are buying bounce houses for business, you can start small by purchasing a few units. And you can grow from there. Moon bounces are an easy way to get your next party bouncing. They may be a well used item at any kids birthday party, carnival, or any other big day. They are the difference maker more often than not between a get-together and a fantastic party.

A moon bounce also comes in nearly all shape, size, theme, and color imaginable. You can get a moon bounce in boy colors, themes, and characters or perhaps in a girls theme. There are also a number of bounce inflatables that can choose sometimes a boy or a girl.

Moon bounces fit virtually any regular party theme also. You don't need to use a kids theme to get a bounce which fits. For instance, should you be seeking to do a Hawaiian themed event, you can get a luau or palm tree moon bounce. This way every one of the adult decor would complement the youngsters decor plus it would be a great themed event.

You are able to rent a moon bounce from almost any regular party rental company. They must supply the shapes, sizes, and themes that one could ever imagine. Have your youngster enable you to select the theme to the moon bounces at the party to enable them to feel as if these folks were an integral part of making the party a millionaire.

Your party will be a huge success with a buy moon bounce! Everyone will like it, like the kids. You may also start to see the same one at the next party which you head to your friend or neighbors house!
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