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Review Spring & Summer Baby Sprinkles Splash Water

Review Spring & Summer Baby Sprinkles Splash Water

The Spring and summer toys sprinkles splash wateris a product of Banzai created with the aim of creating a mini-pool for children over eighteen months and above. It is a great toy to purchase for your children as it provides a variety of options for play with its’ many components. Some of the components of the Baby Sprinkles water park include the whale, an oyster shell, the rainbow canopy and the baby whale. The whale’s back provides an area to slide where the child lands on the oyster shell that acts as a cushion.

This amazing toy enables you to easily convert your backyard into a water parkbe it in a normal day or at small parties to entertain all the children.


Some amazing features of this toy worth mentioning include;

• Weight of 6.8 pounds

• PVC construction

• An inflatable play mat with activities of sprinkling

• A shading facility of the rainbow canopy

• A starfish stacker with rings.

• Repair patch

• Two air holes


Upon the purchase and delivery of the toy from the supplier, setting up of the toy is pretty easy as the manuals are clear on which part goes where. Setting up thus takes about 15 minutes or less. Also, after play time is over, the toy is easy to take down for storage until the next playing time.

The splash poolis an excellent toy to introduce your young ones into water play as the water levels do not have the ability to drown or harm the children. It is, however, important to make sure the users of the pool are 18 months and above as earlier mentioned.

Another advantage is that you can easily attach the splash pool to any garden hose so as to get in the water. Finally, this child-friendly splash pool is cute and a great attraction to children.


As with any other product created by man, the toy has a few cons. These include having to keep the hose attached to it running throughout the use of the toy to get the sprinkling effect. This is not only a wastage of water resources but the accumulated water makes the grass all wet and pretty muddy making the children all dirty.

Secondly, most components of the pool need to be filled with water or air to maintain stability. The toy is also very small and can therefore not accommodate many children at once. For parents having many kids, it is advisable to use other options.

How to properly use and maintain the splash pool

The toy should be well cleaned after use. A simple procedure to ensure proper cleaning is to dry off the pool, deflate the components previously inflated and store it in a dry place. Leaving the pool wet may encourage the growth of molds which reduce the quality of the PVC material.

When using the pool, ensure that the setup is done in a fairly flat ground to enhance stability. In addition, avoid using the pool in a grass area as the constant flow of water to the pool via the hose pipe leads to soaking of the grass and formation of mad. A final tip that will save you a great deal of time is to use a compressor to blow up the splash pool.


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