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Spring and Summer Banzai Slide Review

Sun, slides and water! These are three things you’d want to be having either the later part of spring and the whole duration of summer. Nothing tells kids its summer than water, sun and a slide in the pool. If you don’t own a poolthen nothing to worry about. With the Spring & Summer Toys Banzai Slide N Soak Splash Park Constant Air Water Slide, kids will not only enjoy being out in the sun in the comfort your backyard but parents will feel safe their children are within their reach.

The slidecomes with its own motor to inflate it less than two minutes and includes anchor bags for added sustainability and stability when in use. We don’t want our children slipping from one corner of the yard to your neighbors now would we? It’s a lagoon splash type of outdoor pool which is safe for children between 5 and 12. It comes with a refreshing overheard sprinkler for kids to enjoy a shower like dip before ascending the cushiony side climbing wall. Into the slide they go, as the slide itself is well lubricated with water that goes around the pool. The heavy duty Dura-tech construction insures quality in its make and won’t cause any accidents while in the area of the pool. Its durability will last for more summers to come and is easily inflated and deflated when it’s time to store it.

Aside from it being awarded the Toys of The Year, household with kids within 5-12 would not regret getting this and having all summer long fun with this slide. Your kids can have their friends over and use the slide and have fun while the parents stay within distance sipping iced tea or beer. It’s a good family bonding time during the summer plus you don’t need to spend too much on a park where your kids will be mixing with other different kids.

Endless fun and enjoyment await the kids and they certainly will look forward to another sunny day the following day and another summer to make memories in.

The Spring and Summer Toys Banzai Slide N Soak Splash Park Constant Air Water Slide is so popular that a lot of parents are getting theirs as early as the holidays. It won’t be used till Spring but better have one stored just in case you go out of town during the Christmas days. The slide when deflated could be brought anywhere you plan on using it, don’t expect it to be a pack and go type of slide as you have to have it dried out for a day or two before deflating it back and storing it. You have to properly take care of your water slide to ensure reuse in the next summer. Make sure to also sprinkle baby powder in the creases where you fold and tuck it to avoid sticking to each other thus making the material easy to tear.

Proper care of your water slide should be properly observed so it may last you for more summers and springs to come. If you’re kids outgrown them, it’s a nice chill out place for adults to just sit there inwater and enjoy being a child again with a mojito in hand.

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